Inspirational Metal Roofing Projects

Find inspiration for your own home in the metal roofing projects below.

Maximizing Curb Appeal Means Choosing the Right Roof in Aspen, Colorado

A true design marvel, learn how a gorgeous metal roof made the architecturally impossible possible for Mountain Home Magazine's 2017 Home of the Year

Quality Matters, Especially In Extreme Climates in Naples, Florida

It was a real life horror story until the installation of a quality metal roof ended the nightmare for these homeowners.

Snow, Ice & Blizzards No Match For Metal in Ontario, Canada

Tired of having to replace damage to their asphalt roof, discover how these local homeowners selected metal roofing with the strength to battle old man winter.

Metal Roof Highlights Historic Home's Southern Charm in Georgetown, Texas

When it comes to protecting the integrity of the nation’s most beautiful and classic historic homes, metal roofing comes to the rescue for this award-winning project.

A Trifecta of Style, Long-Lasting Performance and Extreme Weather Durability in Marco Island, Florida

A condo project selects a beautiful stone coated metal roof with stunning tropical style and the strength to stand up to hurricane conditions.

Major Curb Appeal "Wow" Factor Made Possible with Metal Roofing in Mobile, Alabama

A family needed a roof designed for extreme weather protection, but weren't about to sacrifice style. Featuring home improvement expert Danny Lipford from Today's Homeowner, learn how they accomplished both goals with a new metal roof.

At Long Last, a Roof Made to Last in Mobile, Alabama

With durability top of mind, two homeowners are also delighted with the style and the quiet performance benefits of their new metal roof. Featuring home improvement expert Danny Lipford from Today's Homeowner, watch now:

A New Metal Roof Brings Maximum Peace of Mind in Mobile, Alabama

Tired of having to replace their roof and concerned about increasing energy efficiency, a new metal roof solves major challenges for this family. Watch as they share their story with home improvement expert Danny Lipford from Today's Homeowner.

MRA Member Reinke Shake Replaces Roof on Home in Nebraska

Homeowners use LT 20 gage aluminum ribbed shingles that help add a fresh, modern and cohesive look to their home.

New England Metal Systems and Drexel Metals win top honors in MRA Best Residential Metal Roofing Project Competition

New England Metal Systems and Drexel Metals won the Metal Roofing Alliance’s Best Metal Roofing Project competition this quarter for a beautiful and complex project completed on a striking New England home.

Quality Metal Roofing Right at Home in the Heart of Hailstorm Alley

Learn how Ideal Roofing protected a home from severe weather with a metal roof.

Metal Roof Tiles Give Century-Old Farmhouse A Fresh, StormProof Look

Installed by Metal Roof Outlet, this 3,500 square foot re-roofing project features True Nature North Ridge Slate metal tile in Shadow Deep Grey

The Warrior Village Project is Building Affordable Permanent Housing for Homeless U.S. Veterans

Boral PINE-CEST Shake stone-coated steel roofs will offer the structural strength of steel, maximum longevity and low maintenance for these heroes in need.

This Homeowner Was Challenged with Meeting the City’s Requirement for Solar and Energy Efficiency

The S-5-PVKIT® 2.0 maximized the surface area of the roof, reduced the collateral load on the roof, accelerated installation time, reduced installation costs and lowered the part count – reducing material costs.

Classic Superoof Installs New Metal Roof Designed To Perform As Beautifully As It Looks

Maximizing curb appeal and selecting a roof designed to withstand intense Texas weather and storms was the project for Classic Superoof LLC.

A Solar-Friendly Metal Roof Tops this Net Zero Post Frame Home

This homeowner was very selective on which products he chose on his mission to construct a long-lasting, low-maintenance Net Zero post-frame home.

Steel Roofing And Smart Installation Boost Energy Savings Big Time For Tulsa Homeowners

The original asphalt roof was damaged yet still structurally sound, which meant installer NICHTECH could use Boral’s Elevated Batten System® right over the old roof.

For Ottawa Homeowner, Choosing a Metal Roof Delivers Best Long-Term Value

Ottawa homeowners need roofs that can stand up to heavy snow loads in the winter and major windstorms. See how Ideal Roofing got the job done right.

Energy-saving All-Star in Tempe

This homeowner chose metal shingles because of their longevity, energy-efficiency, and appearance.

The World’s Most Stunning Homes Feature Metal Roofs: the Hope Residence, Palm Springs, California

For a home that is nearly as famous and unique as the American entertainers who inspired it, the Hope Residence in Palm Springs has been compared to a spaceship, a mushroom and a volcano. Whatever shape you imagine it resembles, there is no doubt there is nothing like this nearly 24,000 square foot home set at the highest point overlooking the star-studded city. The most striking element of the curvaceous, expansive home is the roof itself.

For one Ontario Family, Quality Metal Roofing Means No Compromising

The mission for this re-roofing project was straightforward: Maximize long-term protection for the home against the region’s harsh conditions that include high winds and freezing temperatures which can lead to ice damming problems and roof damage.

Ahead of the Curve: Green Knight® lands Top Honors in MRA Residential Metal Roofing Competition

The award-winning project is comprised of four separate residential buildings—each featuring a unique roof design—totaling 7,500 square feet.

Canadian Equestrian Multi-Purpose Barn Project

The owner’s goal was to construct a multi-purpose building that would also serve as a mounting platform for a 28.35 kilowatt PV solar system, which would provide 100% of the electricity needs for the entire equestrian ranch property. Click below to read the full case study from S-5!

KC Bailey Orchards: Sustainable Fruit Growing!

The Bailey’s chose to use metal building components not only for their lasting performance and durability but also because of their reflective properties, which lowers the temperature of the building and enhances its cold-storage functionality.