East Coast Homeowners Achieve Great Style, Solve Major Performance Issues with Gorgeous New Metal Roof

Exceptional curb appeal on a massive scale

The Project:

Re-roofing a home that is nearly 10,000 square feet is a huge and expensive job, and not one any homeowner wants to undertake too often.

That’s why for a home located in Willbraham, Massachusetts with an original cedar shingle roof that was deteriorating, the homeowners decided to replace it with aluminum shingles designed to prevent rot and protect the home for many decades to come. Given they live in a region that experiences plenty of cold, snowy weather, the homeowners also appreciated the fact that a new metal roof will help snow slide off and give them a lifetime of reliability with little to no maintenance.

Style was a massive consideration for the homeowners, who wanted to maintain the look of the original roof design which was cedar shake with copper flashing. They chose a two-tone PermaLock aluminum shingle metal manufactured by The Aluminum Shingle Company–Embossed Slate profile in Tudor Brown with Milled Finish for the flashing–to help maintain the original look and architectural integrity of the home.

The Challenge:

In total, the project took about four weeks to complete, due to the complexity of the project and weather conditions. The two-toned metal material and design selected, the size of the home, and how complex the roof lines are, made it a challenging job. But in the end, the quality of the installation matched the exceptional quality of the new metal roof. Unlike the original cedar roof, the quality metal roof selected requires very little maintenance and will reliably maintain its beautiful curb appeal and strong performance over the long run.

“I think it’s one of our more unique jobs because of the shape of the house and that they chose a two tone color to give the home an eye-catching look,” said Mike Kromm, project specialist for East Coast Metal Roofing. “I think it really stands out in our portfolio because of its uniqueness and the scope of the project.”

Spotlight on MRA member PermaLock and installer East Coast Metal Roofing:

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