A Beautiful Metal Roof Turns Heads, Changes Minds and Exceeds a HOA’s High Bar for Great Curb Appeal

A Florida HOA was dead set against metal roofs. Until they discovered this.

The Project:

It’s true: Seeing is believing. For HOAs who have yet to allow for more sustainable, better performing quality metal roofs due to outdated information or mistaken beliefs, seeing first-hand just how beautiful today’s stylish metal roofs are and how much value they can add to a neighborhood is proof positive.

That is certainly the case for an upscale, gated community near Orlando, Fla., where beautiful homes built in the early 2000s have original concrete tile roofs that are beginning to fail and need replacing. For one homeowner in particular, extreme weather had caused multiple tiles to crack and, ultimately, they decided it was time for a replacement. Their insurance company also agreed. However, with terribly long lead times of up to 6 months for concrete tile roof replacements, the homeowners were motivated to find another option, and began to advocate for replacing their roof with metal instead.

While the long wait for tiles was a concern - especially as their time-sensitive insurance claim was pending - the homeowners also had other valid reasons for using metal. They appreciated the fact that quality metal roofs offer great longevity, reliability, and excellent performance against extreme weather. Backed by 3rd party testing for wind uplift, hail and rain, and combined with a lifetime non-prorated warranty, metal offered the perfect roof solution for their home. Plus, unlike other roofing materials, metal roofing with high performance coatings helps prevent unsightly algae and mildew in humid areas like Florida, making them exceptionally low maintenance. Opting for a metal roof also was a smart financial alternative, providing them with a cost-effective solution that delivers both durability and aesthetic appeal.

Regarding aesthetics, the homeowners proposed using True Nature Metal Roof Cedar Creek Shake Shingles by Vicwest in an Ebony finish. The textured finish features Sherwin Williams’ WeatherXL Crinkle coil coating system that creates a matte look and significantly reduces the sun’s glare off the roof.

"True Nature Metal Shingles masterfully capture the authentic look of traditional material, seamlessly blending with established neighborhood aesthetics. With a focus on mirroring the timeless beauty of cedar shake, natural slate and concrete tiles, our metal shingles allow homeowners to maintain the desired look while benefiting from advanced metal roofing technology,” said Didier Sévigny, Director of Residential, North America for Vicwest. “It’s a perfect solution for HOAs that prioritize community appearance and consistency."

The Challenge:

The performance benefits of a new metal roof were a no-brainer for the homeowners, but convincing the HOA that their metal roof would deliver the design and aesthetics the neighborhood desired was another matter.

In the end, the idea of being able to replace a roof with better performing materials, yet still maintain and even enhance the architectural integrity of the neighborhood very much appealed to the HOA. True Nature fit seamlessly into the aesthetic the HOA was looking for, and while it did stand out, it was for all the right reasons.

The proposed new metal roof’s authentic appearance, along with its low maintenance and curb appeal benefits, not only made it easier for the HOA to approve but also had other neighbors admiring the project so much they too have decided on installing a new metal roof. Even the HOA board president is considering a metal roof replacement!

The other challenge that installing a metal roof solved was time. It took the installer Hasting Roofing Service just under ten days from tear-off to completion, which is quite an accomplishment considering the complexity of the roof on the 5,000 square foot home, with its multiple valleys and runs of ridges. Fortunately, True Nature is engineered as a system, so all the complex trims are prefabricated, requiring only that the installer modify them for length. The fact that metal roofing is lighter than concrete tiles played a significant role in the speedy installation. There is no need for a reinforced structure, further expediting the process.

"After completing this roof, we quickly signed two more projects within the same community,” said Cody Hasting, Hasting Roofing Service. “The other homeowners had similar concerns. The product’s aesthetics, especially once installed, made it even more appealing. It's distinctive yet fitting, and the residents have noticed. Some homeowners are even regretting their decision to wait for traditional tiles when they see the speed and efficiency of our projects."

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