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Urban Heat Islands, Cool Roofing, and the Impact on People

There is even evidence that cool roofs can improve quality of life for a city’s entire population. Research backs up these claims.

MCA Educational Resources for Homeowners

Retrofitting Existing Roofing with Metal

One of the most common questions asked by a homeowner faced with having to replace an existing roof is if a new roof can simply be installed over the old roof to save money. Learn more here.

Ventilating Attic Fires

Learn about Metal Roofing fire safety and general procedures for identifying a modular panel metal roof, accessing or ventilating a stone-coated metal roof, and ventilating attic fires.

Lightning Strikes and Metal Roofing

When a metal roof is employed on a home, it seems to heighten people’s awareness of lightning and some question whether or not the use of metallic roofing increases the risk of lightning strike. Metal roofing does not in any way increase this risk.

MCA Educational Resources for Homeowners (Cont'd)

Recycled Content of Metal Roofing and Siding Panels

Metal roof and wall panels are made with the highest recycled content from the most recyclable materials on earth, making them a great choice not only for today, but also for future generations to use.

Metal Roof Design for Cold Climates

Northern climates have always posed unique challenges to all types of roofing material. Snow and ice pull and tug on roof membranes and over time can tear the membrane apart. Freezing phenomena can pry flashings away from roofs, inhibit proper drainage, separate gutters from eaves, and threaten personal safety at building perimeters.

New Standard for Fire-resistant Roofs Implemented in California

Increasing Wildfires Have Led California Officials to Call on New Insurance Standards for Homes, Including Fire-Resistant Roofs

California's new “Safer from Wildfires” plan includes setting new home insurance standards and prompting insurance companies to provide homeowners with incentives for protective measures like fire-resistant roofs.

Residential Property Insurance Companies Currently Offering Discounts for Fire Hardened Homes and/or Communities

Several companies offer both community-wide discounts and home-specific discounts. Learn more today!

Sustainability Resources from the American Iron and Steel Institute

Steel Sustainability in the Construction Market

The North American steel industry is committed to manufacturing innovative products and implementing processes that achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Facts about American Steel Sustainability

Download the latest report to learn about sustainable steelmaking in the automotive and construction industry.

Sustainability of the American Steel Industry

Learn how the American iron and steel industry affects the economy, recycling, production and sustainability in this resource.

Sustainability Resources from the American Iron and Steel Institute (Cont'd)

It Starts with Steel

Hear from Kevin Dempsey, CEO of American Iron and Steel Institute, about the industry.

Steel Sustains

Learn more about how Steel Sustains our way of life

CRRC Articles

How Does a Cool Roof Save Energy?

Download the informational PDF from the Cool Roof Rating Council and learn about the benefits of a cool roof.

Reducing Urban Heat with Cool Roofs and Solar-Reflective Walls

Download the informational PDF from the Cool Roof Rating Council and learn more about urban heat islands and ways to reduce them.

What is a Solar Reflective Index?

Download the PDF below to learn more about what a solar reflective index is and how it can be calculated.

Calculating a Roof's Solar Reflective Index

Download the Solar Reflectance illustrative PDF below to learn more about how a roof's cooling abilities are calculated.

Green Builder Media Resources

What Makes a Home Resilient?

Green Builder Media’s infographic breaks down how the right mix of materials and design can mean the difference between survival and total loss.

Defying the Inferno

Only a small percentage of homes in wildfire areas are currently built to new codes. Learn more in this article by Green Builder Media.

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The Do's and Don'ts of Fastening Metal Roofs

MRA member Joe Stager, Vice President of Triangle Fastener Corp., provides tips for picking the right fastener for your metal roof.

Today's Homeowner Resources

Metal Roofing: Protection In All Climates

Crazy snow and ice storms, monster hurricanes, golf ball-sized hail, extreme heat and torrential downpours. Homeowners everywhere face unique climate challenges.

Metal Roofing Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

Metal roofing’s long-term durability and low required maintenance are just a couple of reasons why many people prefer it to alternatives. But long-held misconceptions may be keeping some homeowners from giving it a try.

Busting 10 Myths About Metal Roofing

In this special episode, Danny and Renee Ramey, MRA executive director, discuss the 10 most common myths when it comes to metal roofs. Listen in and get ready for some surprising information.

Ask Danny | Ep. 2: Insider Answers on Metal Roofing

In Episode 2 of “Ask Danny,” metal roofing expert Todd Miller gives us some insider tips and information about installation, energy efficiency and style options.

Today's Homeowner Resources Cont'd

Making a Home More Insurable (And Attractive)

Learn how Today’s Homeowner’s helped a new homeowner make her house more insurable and a little more attractive too

Why Metal Is the Best Option for Reroofing Your Home

Many homeowners want to reroof their houses, which is a desirable alternative to ripping off an old roof and installing a new one.

Hurricane-Proofing a Louisiana Home

A Louisiana family gets their home back in shape after Hurricane Zeta caused some major damage.

Why Your House Should Have a Metal Roof

When you think about a house with a metal roof, you may have an idea of what that might look like. The truth is, a lot has changed when it comes to metal roofing.

Keeping Your Home Protected with a Metal Roof

Is your home best prepared for a potentially dangerous weather event? In this video, Danny shares how to keep your family safe by making the transition to a metal roof.

Today's Homeowner Resources Cont'd

Rustic Curb Appeal Makeover: from Blank to Beautiful

Watch the transformation of Denver and Alexis Damron’s 1970s modern rustic home that helped improve their home’s curb appeal

Metal Roofing’s Benefits: Strength and Energy-Efficiency

People who are considering a new roof often ask me, what are the benefits of a metal roof?

Metal Roofing Buyers’ Guide, Visualizer Make Selection Easy

Since you’re here, you must be considering a metal roof for your home — that’s a great decision. You can’t beat a quality metal roof when it comes to durability, low maintenance and curb appeal.

A Home Addition 25 Years in the Making

On this episode, Today’s Homeowners is on the hunt for more room as they complete an addition that was started 25 years ago.