For One Ontario Family, Quality Metal Roofing Means No Compromising

Achieving it all: style, performance and sustainability

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The Project:

Waste not, want not. For a family located in Ontario, Canada, a stunning new metal roof has turned out to be the best of all worlds. Not only were they able to increase the overall resiliency of their 2,000 square-foot, 34 year-old home and add great curb appeal style, but they also were able to reduce their impact on the planet by choosing a more sustainable option. In the end, selecting a quality metal roof meant these Canadian homeowners didn’t have to compromise on style or performance to increase the resiliency of their home for decades to come.

The Challenge:

The mission for this re-roofing project was straightforward: Maximize long-term protection for the home against the region’s harsh conditions that include high winds and freezing temperatures which can lead to ice damming problems and roof damage. The homeowners’ original asphalt roof was still intact but definitely showing wear, detracting from the home’s curb appeal and style and making them uneasy about its overall durability, especially during harsh weather. As the owners did more research and worked together with their installer, they were delighted to learn that it was possible to install the beautiful new steel roof they had chosen directly over their existing asphalt roof, which prevented tear off and a great deal of waste from ending up in the landfill. Now the family can rest easy, knowing the new roof they selected is not only more sustainable, but will provide outstanding reliability and worry-free peace of mind for the long run.

Spotlight on MRA members Ideal Roofing:

The homeowners chose Wakefield Bridge Steel Shingle in Black Mica from Ideal Roofing for its classic good looks and worked together with their installer to determine the best re-roofing method that would be most efficient and effective, which turned out to be keeping the old asphalt roof on as a base layer. In all, the installation only took about a week and now the home is the envy of the neighborhood.

Thoughts from the Homeowners: “We love our new roof. Knowing we have a durable and sustainable roof on our home brings us so much peace of mind and it feels so good to know this will be the last roof we put on this house,” said Meredith, the homeowner. “We always planned to put a steel roof on our house and since the project was completed, many of our neighbours have told us they wished they had chosen steel too.”

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