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Watch Now: Metal Roofing Alliance + Today's Homeowner

It's the perfect time of the year to re-roof, so why not choose one that will last more than 50 years? Find more information by downloading the 2020 Buyer's Guide.

Listen Now: Metal Roofing Alliance + Today's Homeowner

Spring and summer are the perfect times of the year for a new roof so choose one that will last more than 50 years. Metal roofs are strong and durable even in climate extreme likes wildfires and hurricanes. These roofs are low maintenance and energy efficient. Plus, they come in many styles and colors. Find more information by downloading the 2020 Buyer's Guide.


Watch Now: Alabama Homeowners Add A Major Curb Appeal "Wow" Factor

How do you give an older home maximum curb appeal while protecting it against extreme weather? That's the challenge Susan and Barker Stein from Alabama faced as they considered replacing the old, damaged roof on their 2,000 square foot 1978 home.

The Steins couldn't be happier with their decision to install a gorgeous new Arrowline shingle-styled metal roof in Statuary Bronze, made to last for decades and withstand hurricane-force winds. Manufactured by MRA member EDCO Products and installed by Metal Roofing HeadQuarters, the Steins' new roof and their home's updated curb appeal will be featured this month on Today's Homeowner nationally-televised show.

Watch Now: "We Want This To Be The Last Roof We Ever Have To Put On"

For two homeowners that decided to replace their 18 year-old asphalt roof with metal, the benefits included outstanding curb appeal, more peace of mind and long-lasting protection in a hurricane prone area. They also learned that a metal roof can be as quiet as any other type, even in rainy weather! Watch now to see how a new metal roof made a dramatic difference for these happy homeowners.

Watch Now: "We Love Our Metal Roof, It Looks Like A New Home"

With all the care that went into building their new home, imagine the disappointment for two Alabama homeowners when the 30-year asphalt roof they installed failed after just 20 years. Bad experiences with disreputable roofing contractors after Hurricane Katrina led them to selecting a quality metal roof from a MRA member manufacturer and installer, and they couldn't be more pleased with their decision. The gorgeous dark metal even helps keep the home cooler in their hot southern climate. Watch now to see how choosing a quality metal roof has brought back pride of ownership for these satisfied homeowners.

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