We love sharing stories of homeowners who are happy with their quality metal roofs! Check out a few of those testimonials here.

See Why a Homeowner Decided to Go with a Metal Roof for His Home

A neighborhood in Bountiful, Utah got inundated with asphalt roofers soliciting business after a harsh hail storm hit the area. This homeowner had a specific list of criteria he was looking to check off when shopping for a new roof so he did his homework and it paid off. See what he learned about metal roofs and why he decided to go with a metal roof for his home.

After Installing a Metal Roof on His Own Home, This Homeowner Has Been Eager to Share the Benefits

After seeing a neighbor’s beautiful metal roof, this homeowner decided to research aluminum roofs and that’s when he found out the many benefits of metal. After installing a metal roof on his own home, he’s been eager to share all the low maintenance benefits of his new roof with friends and family who are curious about his choice in roofing material.

Metal Roof Protects Louisiana Couple’s Home During Hurricane Ida

When David and Ruby LeBlanc starred on a Today’s Homeowner television episode that featured an exterior renovation and metal re-roofing on their Cut Off, Louisiana home, they had no idea it would become the best insurance for Hurricane Ida, which would arrive shortly later.

Coastal Home Gets New Roof to Combat Salt Corrosion Damage

Don and Julie Beebe bought their waterfront home on the shores of Mobile Bay in 2002, and ever since then, they’ve been battling salt corrosion and other coastal weather elements.

A Seasoned Home Builder Encourages His Clients to Consider Metal Roofing

A seasoned home builder in Park City, Utah encourages his clients to consider metal roofing to protect their new homes against harsh weather conditions in alpine environments.

View his home builds as he explains how and why he educates homeowner clients on the benefits of metal roofing from aesthetics to maintenance, durability, and longevity.

A Homeowner Wanted to Install a Durable and Low Maintenance Roof

A homeowner in Bountiful, Utah wanted to install a durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing roof that could withstand the harsh weather in northern Utah so he decided to go with aluminum shingles.

Not only does his family love the roof and can attest to the durability and low maintenance qualities of the roof, but the homeowner also gets complete strangers stopping by to admire the beautiful craftsmanship.

Standing up to the Elements

Learn why Jesse Lea, homeowner in Portland Oregon, decided on a Metal Roof for his two homes. Durability in the elements, ease of cleaning, and the overall look were just some of the factors that helped Jesse with his decision.

Watch Now: Alabama Homeowners Add A Major Curb Appeal "Wow" Factor

How do you give an older home maximum curb appeal while protecting it against extreme weather? That's the challenge Susan and Barker Stein from Alabama faced as they considered replacing the old, damaged roof on their 2,000 square foot 1978 home.

The Steins couldn't be happier with their decision to install a gorgeous new Arrowline shingle-styled metal roof in Statuary Bronze, made to last for decades and withstand hurricane-force winds. Manufactured by MRA member EDCO Products and installed by Metal Roofing HeadQuarters, the Steins' new roof and their home's updated curb appeal will be featured this month on Today's Homeowner nationally-televised show.

Practical and Pretty

Anna West is an interior designer and her husband is a builder. They found that a metal roof was both aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical, pleasing both of them. Learn what else made a Metal Roof the right choice for Anna.

“The severe weather that comes through our area is a cost of living here. Hurricane Zada, one of the hurricanes to hit our area, had sustained winds of 120-125 miles per hour for over 4 hours. During the storm, large branch fell on the roof, creating a large hole. It was very frightening. After hurricane Zada, most of the homes that had a metal roof had no roof damage or if they did it was very minor.”

“We did a lot of research online about metal roofing and found a metal roof style to keep an authentic look to the home. They installed the metal roof over our existing asphalt shingle roof, saving removal costs and preventing more landfill waste. And, if more hurricane damage ever happens, it is quite simple to replace the damaged panels with new, matching panels.”

“The new metal roof is more than we expected. We’re extremely satisfied with the wind load protection and low maintenance. We love the color, texture and couldn’t be more pleased.”

--David & Ruby LeBlanc, South Louisiana

90-Year-Old Building Gets New Stone-Coated Steel Roof

This was a very special job that both Boral Steel and McCormack Roofing collaborated on together to help assist in the reconstruction and reinforcement of a 90+ Year-Old structure that is managed by Pete DeSimone of the Audubon Society in Southern California.

Watch Now: "We Want This To Be The Last Roof We Ever Have To Put On"

For two homeowners that decided to replace their 18 year-old asphalt roof with metal, the benefits included outstanding curb appeal, more peace of mind and long-lasting protection in a hurricane prone area. They also learned that a metal roof can be as quiet as any other type, even in rainy weather! Watch now to see how a new metal roof made a dramatic difference for these happy homeowners.

Why A Metal Roof Gives This Gulf Coast Couple Peace Of Mind

Susan and Barker Stein live on the Gulf Coast, where there’s plenty of severe weather, along with potential destruction and danger. That’s why the couple chose a metal roof.

The Best All-Season Protection Possible

Bend, Oregon is one of those places that gets extremes. Blazing hot summers that bring threats of wildfire, and sub-zero temperatures in the winter, complete with snow and ice. Discover how one Bend homeowner gave his lovely home the best all-season protection possible with a low maintenance, long lasting, reliable metal roof.

Watch Now: "We Love Our Metal Roof, It Looks Like A New Home"

With all the care that went into building their new home, imagine the disappointment for two Alabama homeowners when the 30-year asphalt roof they installed failed after just 20 years. Bad experiences with disreputable roofing contractors after Hurricane Katrina led them to selecting a quality metal roof from a MRA member manufacturer and installer, and they couldn't be more pleased with their decision. The gorgeous dark metal even helps keep the home cooler in their hot southern climate. Watch now to see how choosing a quality metal roof has brought back pride of ownership for these satisfied homeowners.

A Homeowner Falls in Love with...His Roof?

Hear the story of why a gorgeous metal roof is now a "favorite feature of my home" for one local homeowner. From super low maintenance, awesome architectural style to wildfire safety and much more, this homeowner explains why choosing a metal roof is now a "non-negotiable" for him.

“You literally can’t tell that our roof isn’t regular shingles from the road. In fact our neighbors are all shocked to find out our new roof is metal. I’m thrilled that we found a product that looks like conventional shingles but will last for our lifetime. I’m 71 now and Ed’s 73 and we hope to still live here a lot longer. And while there might be still more remodels in our future, we know we won’t have to touch our roof again!”

— Mary

“There have been some neighbors come look at it because they like the idea that it’s maintenance free. More folks are definitely considering it for their homes. My brother is even going to go with it when his shingles need to be replaced.”

— John Louis

“I wouldn’t put another asphalt roof on for anything. If I even built a dog house, I’d put a metal roof on it. We’re giving this house to our daughter when we pass away and I just told her the other day that she’s all set.” His wife Jerry adds: “We love that it’s just worry free for her!”

— Gene Zoss

Why Metal Roofs are a Top Choice for Today's Best Building Pros

Take it from a professional who says, "If we could put metal roofs on all of our homes, we would." In his experience, quality metal roofs deliver not only amazing style, but also a ton of attributes that help homes perform better, no matter what Mother Nature throws them.

“Hurricane Ivan hit in 2004. During the storm a huge tree came down and landed on the chimney and roof of our house. With the roof replacement, we wanted to install something more durable and maintenance free. Metal roofing’s low maintenance is great for us.”

“We like the appearance and durability of metal roofing. And it comes in so many colors and styles. We think the house looks fabulous and love our new metal roof.”

--Barker & Susan Stein, Alabama’s Gulf Coast

A Relationship Made to Last: A Metal Roof Goes the Distance

A homeowner discusses why after 16 years, she is still very happy with her metal roof. Find out why she appreciates her roof for how it works to reduce upkeep and maintenance, while helping keep her home safe and protected against severe climate conditions such as heavy snow loads and wildfire danger.

"To anyone considering a metal roof either for a new home or for a retrofit: Our metal roof is probably the thing we appreciate most about our home. Extraordinarily durable, fire "proof", beautiful and LONG LASTING with unbelievably low maintenance."

— L.L. Todd

““It was time for a new roof. We decided to go with something more durable that would last longer so we never had to replace it again. And after storms when you see the damage with asphalt shingle roofs, a metal roof gives you a better comfort level.”

“Our metal roof looks good and has far exceeded our expectations. We think it’s beautiful and makes our house look even better. We have several houses in the neighborhood that have a metal roof and it’s improved the quality of our house greatly.”

--Joey & Joy Crisler

"It’s not on yet, but my metal roof will make my log cabin a year round livable home, and much more salable when the time comes to sell it."

— David Marshall, Michigan

"We found the MRA website looking for colors that we may be interested in. We have had our roof done and it looks great!!!! Not sure of the dimensions (my hubby knows that stuff) but the total cost was much more reasonable than we expected."

— Darby Leonard, New York

"I considered different materials for the roof and after looking at several different options, decided to go with a metal roof.

"The environmental aspect of the roofing, I looked at quite a bit. The metal itself is made out of recyclable material. We put our metal roof right over top of the old asphalt roof, so we did not have to send the asphalt shingles to the landfill. And, the house stays cooler in the summer."

— Homeowner, St. Louis, Missouri

"Years later the roof looks like new! Nothing has changed."

— Jayne and Pat Sventek, Florida

"Driving in, seeing our house, I really like the way the roof looks. We like the durability, the low maintenance - no maintenance as far as I'm aware.

"Probably our primary reason would be the fire resistant quality of it. In November of 2008 there was a wildfire and our house was a total loss. That's why we decided on a metal roof."

— Homeowner, Santa Barbara, California

"I did most of my research on your website. I read all the benefits material and went through the different styles of roofs you have. I also found the contractor I used on your Find A Contractor searcher here in Lake Havasu.

"When the salesman came over to sign the contract (second visit) and for me to make my final decision he brought 3 new colors (blue, green and a mission gold). I chose the mission gold tile and it looks wonderful with my champagne stucco walls. The roofing installers were very good, answered my questions, and did a very good job."

— Cammie Page, Arizona

"The MRA website certainly helped a lot in answering my questions. I went through all the information offered on your site to get better informed.

"I now have a metal roof installed. I believe it was a good choice -- I definitely did not want to replace wooden shingles with another set of wooden shingles! My roof did well during last winter's rain and wind-gusts.

"My problems are solved for several decades! Thanks for keeping me informed!"

— Frank Selhurst, Maryland

"Thanks for your help. As of today I found someone in Phoenix and he is going to get me a list of people in and around our area to show us what they have, measure our roof and hope to do the work. I have had great response from people far away that are also willing to work with us. Thanks again for everything."

— Mary T., Arizona

"Great job on my Steel roofing order. I've already saved nearly as much on electric bills as the materials cost. Looks great! Thanks."

— L. Adams, Louisiana

"Stone coated metal roofing is an ideal design choice when building owners seek the classic beauty, elegance and architectural detail of an old-world Italian tile. It’s an excellent alternative to clay and concrete tile in markets where freeze-thaw weathering is present.

"The roof also provides optimal material ratings for hail impact resistance, fire and wind uplift – while weighing only 160 pounds per square. DECRA Villa Tile, in Venetian Gold, is shown on a residential re-roof project, where an older, stained asphalt shingle roof is replaced to reignite this home’s beauty, without concern for the new roof weight on the existing structural framing."

— DECRA Roofing Systems

"One of the great benefits of metal roofing is its flexibility. In this case, Classic metal Roofing’s aluminum Rustic Shingle provided a very low weight roofing option that did not over-burden the structure. The interlocking 12” x 24” panels also easily handled the arched roof and pose no risk of slipping out of place over time. These property owners chose a bold earthy red color to highlight their noteworthy barn."

— Todd Miller, Isaiah Industries

"Parishioners of the Central Presbyterian Church of St. Paul, Minnesota, faced a daunting task – one they hoped would not have to be repeated again for a very long time. A new roof was due, and it not only required a long-life roofing solution, but also had to be compatible with its unique architecture.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the 1889 structure built from coarsely carved Lake Superior brownstone in a Richardsonian Romanesque architectural style found its perfect roofing solution with stone-coated metal roofing. Natural Slate Shingle XD interlocking panels from DECRA Metal Roofing provided the materials for this historic structure.

Lightweight yet strong, the roofing panels reduced dead-weight stress on the structure. Metal roofing steps up to the challenge, and succeeds in flying colors – again."

— DECRA Roofing Systems