Inspirational Metal Roofing Project in Ontario, Canada: Snow, Ice & Blizzards No Match For Metal

The Project:

Old before its time: That was the issue for a homeowner in Tecumseh, Ontario, Canada, where an asphalt roof installed just eight years ago failed when tested by the region’s wintery, blizzard-like conditions. Tired of having to replace singles and unhappy with the worn-out appearance of their inferior asphalt roof, the owners decided to re-roof with a beautiful, low maintenance metal roof that would be strong and durable enough to withstand Ontario’s freezing winters and high winds for many decades to come.

A house with a red brick building The Challenge:

It gets cold in Ontario, Canada. Really cold. It is not unusual for the area to experience more than a foot of snow during the winter months, and the snowy season extends all the way from fall through late spring. With the frequency of blizzard-like conditions, roofs take a beating which can result in expensive, more frequent replacement and repairs. For frustrated homeowners with asphalt roofs, it also can mean living with the fear their roofs may collapse under the weight of heavy snow and ice loads, leading to dangerous practices such as having to remove the snow manually, making the potential for accidents and damages all the more likely.

For local homeowners battling with the region’s frequent freezing temperatures, quality metal roofing is proving to be a much better solution. Thanks to smoother surfaces and the natural heat conductivity of metal, metal roofs shed snow and ice more quickly, reducing build up and weight that can literally crush a roof. Because metal is a stronger, longer lasting and more resilient material, it offers greater peace of mind for homeowners in climates where damage from the weight of ice and snow are a real danger. They are also wind-resistant, able to withstand tornado-strength winds of up to 241 km/h. That’s important, as high winds are very common in the area especially during winter storm season, making steel shingles a solid choice.

A house with a red brick building Spotlight on MRA members Ideal Roofing and Double AA Metal Roofing:

Working with Double AA Metal Roofing Inc., the homeowners chose to install a gorgeous Wakefield Bridge, Black Mica steel shingle roof manufactured by Ideal Roofing based in Ottawa for their 3,500 square foot home. In less than a week, the team installed the new metal roof right over the old asphalt, using a Nova Seal Premium between the steel material and the old roof, which also offers extra protection from the elements.

Thoughts from the Experts:

“This project is an excellent example of how choosing longer lasting, more durable materials like quality metal roofing can offer homeowners worry-free performance and much greater value over the long run,” said Renee Ramey, MRA Executive Director.

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