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These free guides will provide the expert information you need to know about metal roofing and the roofing process.

eBook: Residential Metal Roofing Buyer's Guide

The MRA Buyer's Guide will equip you with the details and knowledge you'll need to select a beautiful, quality roof for your home.

eBook: Resilient Housing

This Green Builder housing guide will help you identify building products designed to withstand nature's fury.

eBook: Sustainable Masterpieces: Metal Roofs

This Green Builder's guide will help you understand the benefits a metal roof adds to homes in areas of extreme and unpredictable weather.

Hurricane Season Requires Preparation.

Metal roofing’s durability and ability to perform in even the most difficult locations and circumstances makes it the best roofing choice in truly every region.

Many metal roofing systems have been tested and proven to perform in winds in excess of 140 mph (equal to an F2 tornado) and provide protection against impact damage from debris. The interlocking panels in these systems allow the metal roofing to resist uplift caused by high winds further reducing the risk of water intrusion and added damage to your home.

Read more about how to prepare for hurricane season and how metal roofs offer excellent protection.

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With The Need For Resilient Building Practices On The Rise, MRA Unveils Updated Guide As Free Resource For Homeowners

The Metal Roofing Alliance has just released its latest version of the comprehensive MRA Residential Metal Roofing Buyer’s Guide.

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Residential metal roofing is available in numerous colors, styles, materials and finishes. From the distinctive look of standing seam to the classic appearance of asphalt, tile or cedar.

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Comparing Roof Types

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