Inspiring Metal Roofing Project in Marco Island, Florida: A Trifecta of Style, Long-Lasting Performance and Extreme Weather Durability

Style, long-lasting performance and extreme weather durability.

The Project

From residential projects big or small, quality metal roofing is the perfect solution for those seeking outstanding design and curb appeal, long-lasting protection and top-notch performance. Case in point is the brand new metal roof on a large condo complex on Marco Island, Florida called Aquarius, who called upon MRA member Tilcor Roofing Systems for a new roof that would not only add beauty, but help protect against the threat of hurricanes and extreme weather.

The Challenge

Sun, sand, beautiful shorelines…life on Marco Island, Florida is the stuff dreams are made of. That is, until those times when severe winds and hurricanes hit, which occur with increasing regularity. With 15 buildings and 150 condo units that required nearly 20,000 panels of new metal roofing, Tilcor worked with Pro Craft Exteriors to install a gorgeous stone coated metal roof for Aquarius, designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, deliver low maintenance performance and offer a lifetime warranty.

Spotlight on MRA member Tilcor

The new Tilcor metal roof was chosen not only for its extreme durability but also for its beautiful design profile and color shade. Called “Antica Firenze,” the style perfectly complements the region’s gorgeous architecture, landscaping and surrounding natural beauty. Tilcor partnered seamlessly with Pro Craft’s excellent installation team so that quality–from the material selected all the way through installation–not only met but exceeded the expectations of Aquarius.

Thoughts from the Experts

“From projects large to small, companies like Tilcor continue to show why MRA members are the best in the business at what they do. This project really shows off the advantages of quality metal roofing, from adding tremendous curb appeal to providing maximum durability for property owners, especially in severe weather climates,” said Renee Ramey, MRA Executive Director.

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