Metal Roof Tiles Give Century-Old Farmhouse A Fresh, StormProof Look

The Project

The Ridgetown farmhouse was built to support the southwestern Ontario farming belt in the late 1800s. Installed by Metal Roof Outlet, this 3,500 square foot re-roofing project features True Nature North Ridge Slate metal tile in Shadow Deep Grey applied directly on top of the old asphalt roof to minimize waste ending up in landfill.

The Challenge

Standing tall in the middle of a field, this three-story house has long stood up to the elements. The asphalt roof has not. It’s been replaced several times, and with every windstorm, more than a few shingles fly off, requiring constant repair. Although the homeowners had installed metal roofs on the barns that surround the house years ago, that never seemed like an aesthetically pleasing option for such a classic home design. How do you maintain the design integrity of a 19th-century house with such a modern material?

Spotlight on MRA member Vicwest Building Products

For their new roof, the owners selected True Nature metal roof tiles in North Ridge Slate - Shadow Deep Grey manufactured by Vicwest. Tested to withstand wind speeds in excess of 250mph, True Nature metal tiles were the ideal solution to protect the home from higher wind speeds. "True Nature tiles are engineered to solve a common concern with metal roofs, which is how to offer the protection of steel but still provide the homeowner with the right design aesthetic for their home," says Geoff Bernstein, Product Manager at Vicwest Building Products. "The trim details make for a beautiful finish that fits seamlessly with these older style homes. Homeowners fall in love with the look of the tiles, and that makes choosing True Nature an easy decision for them."

Mike Cosyn of Metal Roof Outlet managed the install. Cosyn adds that the design of the panels makes for easier installation. "The panels cover four square feet, which considerably speeds up the job because it allows us to lay more feet down per day. What’s more, they’ve incorporated a pre-drilled screw hem at the top of the tile, so there are no clips and no guesswork to install the screws."

Thoughts from the Experts

"This farmhouse was built to last more than a century, and now the homeowners finally have a roof that can last a lifetime, too," says Cosyn. "The True Nature tile design and simplicity of installation make its value on-point for a complete roof and trim system. This makes it a much easier sell to homeowners looking to make a long-term investment in their property."

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