Penny Dill
Can someone plz help? I have a 15+ old mobile home that I am about to have to reroof. I am getting all sorts of "expert" neighbours telling us what to do. I'm not sure whats the right advise. The mobile home has a thin wobbly roof on it that we have sealed with black tar sealent from home depot. guess it's a sealent as it dries after a week or so. After 3 months, I am getting leaks all over the place. We have decided to really fix the problem but don't know whats the "right" fix. We were planning on putting up furring strips and then installing corrigated 12ftx24in. pannels with a ridge cap right over the existing roof. We were told that the weight will crack the walls because of the excess weight. We were also told to install metal sheet roofing thats 12ftx36 ft with the sides bent over the edges of the roof. We were also told to buy a rubber membrane and just install that. my head is swimming and I can only afford eleven or twelve hundred for supplys. We will be installing it ourselves. We are VERY handy. Any ral expert advise will help. Also, is there a site that will show a diagram on how to install sheet metal if this is the best way? kind regards,penny
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To be honest on a mobile i would put a membrane roof back on it. putting an exposed fastner roof on a home is generally not recommended, due to expansion contraction issues.
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I have installed a rubber roofing. Here is your contact I hope this helps.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you have weightload issues, even though metal is low weight, a membrane roof may be a wise choice. I would suggest contacting the home manufacturer to see what they suggest.
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