Josh Golob
I have a 1969 12'x55' modile home that I want to put metal roofing on. I have seen where you could run strapping lengthwise and fill inbetween the strapping with foam and then screw the metal panels to the strapping. My question is will regular 29ga metal panels bend if put down over the dome? Will they lay flat? or is there a special type of panel that is prefabricated with a curve in it???
Nate Libbey
Regular 3' panels will curve some, but they have a limit to how much. If you can post a picture of the roof I should be able to give you a better idea of whether it will work. There are panels that are prefabricated with a curve, but they are usually fairly expensive, especially compared to the 29 gauge panels. If your curve is too drastic, 2' wide 5V-Crimp panels often curve more than the 3' wide 3/4" rib 29 gauge panels.
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