eleanor vallone
Greetings, Mr. Miller. You have been kind enough to help me thru this process and I am nearing the wire. Here are house pics (again)http://s888.photobucket.com/albums/ac86/eleanorvallone/Second%20Wind%20Farm/. Its about 5,000 SF of roof. Have come to the conclusion this will be a low to mid $30,000 job with standing seam. I can save about $15,000 going with exposed fastners. I have several bids, and several questions. First, is it acceptable to install underlayment on the cedar shakes, then re-strip with stringers (vertical then horizontal as you suggested), then install standing seam metal? Not sure if this is OK over cedar shakes. Second, I can save about $15,000 by going with an exposed fastner system, which would allow rip off of the cedar and reuse of the existing 1 X 3 stringers. Apparently these stringers are insufficient for the standing seam roof, but OK for exposed fastner. Any thoughts on life expectancy of an exposed fastner system, or other issues I should consider with that? Third, Does 29 vs. 26 guage make a big difference? Fourth, can you suggest a paint finish I should target, such as Kynar? And, is there a metal compound I should be targeting or staying away from? MANY thanks, Eleanor
Eric Novotny
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I am personally not a huge fan of placing a new, expensive, and what should be a lifetime roof over existing shakes. I think there are too many substrate variables at play and especially if the shakes are in necessity of replacement. The home in those pictures is quite nice and I am in no way inferring that an exposed fastener roof is cheap looking, I am just not sure that it matches the grandeur of that property and setting. As long as I can freely make recommendations, I do like the look of shakes on that home. Have you considered a steel shake profile in lieu of the standing seam? I prefer the 26 gauge option because it is 1.5X as thick as the 29 gauge option. That does make for a bit more sturdy profile.
eleanor vallone
Thank you. I will make sure I get 24 or 26 guage, and forget the idea of exposed fastner for this job. Can't go back and do it again so will go the extra expense for concealed fastner. As for the cedar profile, was given the impression this would add about $10,000 to this job. My spreadsheet on this project leaping up all the time (including non negotiables like snow guards and ice shield) and so the extra expense of cedar shake profile, if that estimate is accurate, cannot be accomodated, unless there is corresponding savings for not having to install 1/2" plywood substrate (which is adding about $7000 to the overall cost).
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