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Hi: I'm in Puerto Rico and I'm planning to made a metal roof over the concrete to stop leaks and change the shape of the house. Do you think that is expensive?
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Are you referring to going over a solid concrete deck or over concrete tiles? Also, do you know the pitch of the roof? Thanks. Todd
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I'm in a similar situation. My contractor is a few week off from pouring our 2,300 sqft solid reinforced concrete roof (with a 19 degree, or roughly 1 in 4, pitch). I live in a hot, wet, humid area with expansive clay soils and, despite our extensive foundations, need to consider settlement cracks in the concrete roof. I have researched several admixtures, chemical paints, and rubber coatings. In the end I believe a metal Aluzinc roof "shell" is a good solution for waterproofing a concrete roof. From the estimates I've received, a metal roof shell would certainly cost less than a chemical or rubber one. I am considering casting the roof with the galvanized steel purlins in place. That way we wont have to put bolts into the roof after the pour. My builder believes that there should not be much of a gap between the concrete roof and the metal 'shell'. The metal roof would screwed down onto the purlins. I am also looking into some sort of thin radiant barrier (eg "Ecofoil") placed under the metal roof to help insulate the against heat (see this link for an illustration of what I mean: We (builder and, especially, homeowner) are new to this combination. Do you have any helpful suggestions, ideas.... Do we go with C or Z purlins? are there any issues we need to consider?? Thanks for a great resource, PJ
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