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A disaster waiting to happen
I feel my new steel roof is a disaster waiting to happen. I tried to get the contractor to correct mistakes as his men were making them, but he just said that was the way they had always done things, etc. and that the work was guaranteed. What good is that? The idea of getting a new roof is to prevent water from entering the house.

Just to give you an example, the roof structure is made of boards yet when they applied the asphalt paper they cut it short on each side so that the drip edge doesn't catch it at all; on the contrary, there's a space where the wood is clearly visible. We have a lot of wind-driven rain here and I'm afraid to even think of what can happen.

And that's just one of the many flaws. What I don't understand is if it doesn't make sense to me, how does it make sense to someone who does this five days a week?

I spoke to the manufacturer but they told me point blank that they are not responsible for teaching the installers. Who is, then?

I'm thinking of insisting that the roofer re-do the whole thing, but I can't find instructions anywhere. Can anyone tell me where I could download something? I want to have something to show him as he won't just take my word for it.

Thank you.
The manufacturer should have an installation manual that you can obtain free of charge. Although it probably won't show how to put the underlayment on, any roofer knows what good roofing practices are and your installers may not have done that.
Many manufacturers also having training programs and / or field reps who could be of help.
The manufacturer does not have a training program. They sent me their brochure. It has an application guide, but there is nothing in there about what should go underneath so that their warranty will apply.

Obviously, this installer does not know how to prepare a roof before applying the steel. In fact, he doesn't even know how to install the roofing: he didn't follow any of the directions in the brochure - not even the special warnings such as the material should be cut face down, that lap joints should face away from prevailing winds, and to "use a proper screw gun, not a drill with a socket". And that's just for a start.

I spoke to the sales rep. He said he would come and take a look "in 2-3 weeks, if he happens to be in the neighbourhood". But that his job is not to tell the installers how to do their job. Not only that, he said that if I intended to sue the contractor, no one at the company would agree to be a witness. Nice, eh?

Thanks for your comments. I just hope that my situation will help others avoid this kind of disaster.

Is the manufacturer an MRA member? I am disgusted by their lack of helpfulness.


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