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Hi: I am in the process of installing my first metal roof. I have a 8/12 pitch roof, which has been strapped. I'm using Westform Duraclad. Does one usually cut the roof back to the flat portion along the gables or to they leave the bump? Do people usually put something in the bumps along the gutter edge to stop insects and such from making their home in there? Do people typically place something under the ridge cap for venting as well? In addition I am going to use some felt under the roof, should this be run parallel to the gable or parallel to the long edge (gutter) thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I am guessing that youare located in BC given the product name and the bump in the gable which I believe is a frease trim. I can't strongly enough recommend contacting the manufacturer and getting their recommendations. The gable portion of a roof experiences wind pressures of up to 4 times the other areas so the edge details are very important.Also you could contact the RCABC as they have excellant details for metal. The building codes call for a drip edge to be used. I suggest forming one from the same material as the roof. You could leave the freaze trim on and install the drip at the eaves and gables. Lay the roof out so that the provile reveal in the metal is equal on each gable. Cut the first profile off the sheet and with a hand seamer, create a 180 degree fold on the sheet to hook over the drip edge on the gable. At the eaves use the same detail by notching the ribs and folding the sheet to hook over the drip.
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