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I just installed a vertical rib roof on or barn, both sides are done, but the roof is so steep, that I do not know how to get up there and stay to install the roof ridge. It is very slick and 20 feet to the peak. Please help. Thanks so much, Lynn Webb
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Normally a contractor installs the ridge as he completes the second side and at this point it is going to very awkward and time consuming. I hope you have good life insurance. I would use a ladder with a ridge hook and a safety rope to create an access near one end. Then I would purchase or rent a set of approved roof jacks to install across the roof down from the ridge fastened into a purlin. Then you can plank your way across the roof. We always installed a cable the length of the ridge adequately fastentend to snap on the safety rope as we moved along, which we could disconnect at each end and pull out when we were done.
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