animal feces voids warranty?

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My red metal roof is less than 5yr old. It came with a 20yr warranty against the usual stuff including the paint. I have found LOTS of places where the paint is flaking off, exposing metal. These spots are scattered throughout the roof, including the sides of the ridges, and on steep portions of the roof. The roofing supplier inspected it and determined that the flaking is due to "animal feces" and will not honor their warrany. What animal feces does that? Is this a common problem? Could it be a bad "lot#"?
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There are many different types of paint systems and certainly some of them could be damaged by this. However, that does not mean that is what is going on here. Have you read the written warranty to see if it even excludes animal stuff? Was the inspection done by the manufacturer of the roofing? I do not see how they could accurately make this call based upon a visual inspection. Really, a panel needs to be removed and thgen examined by a lab experienced with coatings. The manufacturer of the paint would be the best source for this sort of work in all likelihood. There are independent paint experts and consultants who also could be called upon for an opinion but that will cost a few bucks. Feel free to email me close-up pictures of the problem if you wish.
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Hi John, Just curious to know how things worked out for you with your metal roof. Did the manufacturer end up resolving the issue with you? Thanks, Dave [email protected]
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
This is not a chat room however I see you have an interest. Ani,mal feces is very corrosive. Pig maure gas will eat through aluminum amn as such Galvalume or aluminum should not be used near this operation. I have also seen where painted rollformed metal that had fissures at the bends in galvanized painted steel, had accelerated corrosion 50 ft downwind from a beef operation. Worst seems to be some species of birds, especially berry eating ones as they stain the surfaces. Certainly in a livestock operation one needs to choose a material with a high quality and heavier metalic coating and with a PVDF paint system.
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