metal roofing on lower portion of asphalt roof?

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When I was living in upstate New York many of the houses had metal roofing on the last 6-8 feet of the roofs and then asphalt roofing for the upper portion and peak of the roof. this kept snow/ice off of the edge of the roof (it just slid off when it formed up). Is this still an acceptable practice? what roof systems support this? any info is appreciated.
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In most cases, this eave metal has been hand-babricated by a sheet metal specialist. This sort of thing is really best if done with a flat seam, preferably soldered. (At least that has been my experience.) Most manufactured metal roofing panels have corrugations or raised seams and it is difficult to make the transition onto them from the asphalt shingles. One option is to put metal on your entrire roof -- that way you can choose the product and look which you like the most.
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