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Hi, i´m a german student and working on a term paper at the moment and hope someone here can help me. I need to know the total roof area of the USA and Canada (seperatly), how much of it are metal roofs and how much of the metal roofs are made from aluminum. I know this are many and difficult questions, but it would be very kind if someone could help me with this (it would already help me, if i would know where to look it up). In advance, thank you for any answer, positive or negative. Best Regards from Germany, Sven Rathke
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Good questions. I can tell you that the 3M company hires FW Dodge each year to compile data on the roofing industry and our alliance pays to be part of the study. The results just became available. Also our association members self report. I would contact Tom Black [email protected] our executive director and he should be able to help you.
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