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I'm installing classic rib on a horse barn. 18 foot panels attached to shimmed 2 x 4 stringers on 24 inch spacing over a single layer of asphalt and good decking. I have the material and fasteners but can't remember the spacing my supplier told me and he's on vacation. I think he supplied enough to alternate 4 or 5 screws on one stringer and then 2 screws at the next stringer. Does this sound right? Also I don't remember whether I'm screwing through the flats or the ribs...seems like the ribs would be less likely to leak, but perhaps more likely to deform when tightening the screws. Thanks for your help.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You are asking me to commit hary-cary. Call the manufacturer as it is climatic related. Normally the screws want to penetrate into the stringers a min of 1". The longer the sheets, the more they aubjected to expansion and contraction wich puts more stress on the rubber seal on the fastener. In my contracting days I always pre drilled the sheets and fastened them through the top of the rib which elliminates dimpling of the steel when fastened in the flats and allows the sheets to expand more freely without stressing the fastener.
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