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We are building a log home in Northern Wisconsin with a large metal roof. All the roof elements have 12-12 pitch with 30 inch overhangs. We have 4 large dormers which create 8 large (20-25 feet) valleys. We have been advised to install gutters to manage the water run off. The concern was the steep roof would create large streams of water, especially in the valleys, that would errode the landscaping (sand), and the spash back would soak the logs. While this makes sense we are very worried about ice dams in winter. We have read the key is to assure proper ventilation and insulation. The home is designed with a two inch air chanel between each rafter and continuous soffet and ridge vent. We will also have R42 instullation, but we didn't know if on the north side we would still end up with significant snow/ice build up. Would you recommend gutters in this installation?
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