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I am looking at a country home in the Dallas TX area and it has a metal roof. The home roof is so steep that it is almost a modified A-frame construction. I noticed in the attic that there is no ventilation other than what gaps are there from ridge cap placed over the metal roof . The builder also installed the metal roof without any sheathing and then place R-19 insulation beteween the rafters and ceiling joists. Is this A proper way to install ribbed metal roofing. Is ventillation essential. Doesn't there need to be a vaport barrier between the insullation and the roof. The reason I ask is the builder was a DIY.
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A vapor barrier should be located behind the ceilings in order to prevent moisture from entering the attic to begin with. Is there insulation up between the roof rafters, behind the roofing panels? If so, then a vapor barrier could also be located beneath that insulation. I am unclear form your posting as to whether there is a vented ridge cap or not. I am a strong believer in good attic ventilation, normally consisting of soffit vents as intake and a ridge vent as exhaust. The goal here is to keep warm moist air from collecting in the attic and then condensing against the back side of the roofing panels when they cool down according to outside temperatures. As far as your roof panels having been installed over purlins instead of decking, there are many roof panels which can be installed that way. You'd have to check with tha manufacturer of yours in order to determine whether it was an appropriate procedure for your roof.
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