flashing detail at horizontal siding

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I will have a metal vertical panel roof for a residential porch roof that ties to a two story with horizontal siding. The sill for a window at the second level is only three inches above the wood sheathing for the metal roof. I'm concerned that this not sufficent space for flashing. The house is under construction and ready for the roof and flashing to be installed.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
It would be preferable to have a little more space however it should work but will require attention to detail. I would suggest using a vented profile closure stip at the eave for some intake air. Leave your sheets about 3/4" short of the wall and use a vented profile strip here as well with the L bend flashing up the wall. This will allow the sheets to ventilate up the ribs. The detail under the window will require caulking to seal properly. Try to bend the metal up the wall, back out under the sill for 3/4" and then give the end a kick down. Fill this void with caulking which will be easier as you are pushing straight in and the bend down will also act as a drip.
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