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Hello, We are currently having MetroShake stone coated metal shingles installed on our new home. The quote and contract stated the contractor would be using Tri-Flex 30 as the roofing underlayment material. The contractor has advised us that he did not receive his shipment of Tri Flex 30 therefore he is using a product called Typar, which he states is of the same quality. Today, he has showed up at the site with Tyvek as he has run out of Typar. I have the following questions: 1. In regards to quality of product being used as a roof underlayment what is the difference between, Tri-Flex 30, Typar and Tyvek? 2. Can you rate them in order of the better product being first? 3. Can you even use Tyvek as a roof underlayment? 4. From a pricing standpoint, which is more expensive? Regards, Verna Cutler 416-626-2800 x3306 [email protected]
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
They are all from the same family of research originally from the Dupont company.Typar and Tyvek is a breathable membrane designed to be used under the siding of a house. Tri-flex 30 is designed specifically as a severe duty roofing underlayment and is made in Brantford, ON and is one of the best roofing underlayments and typically costs more than the siding wraps which again to the best of my knowledge are not designed to be used as roofing underlayment.
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I have a similar question.. my roof contractor will replace the tri_flex 30 with Flextex.. he said that is better and stick (easy for the installer) what do you think?? which on is better?? can email me at [email protected] thank you
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I have never heard of Flextex and cannot find any information on it. Tri-Flex 30 is one of the "newer" synthetic underlayments. Properly instealled, they seem to work well.
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sounds like a perfect time to RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!
Eric Novotny
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Todd...I think the material you were referring is Feltex. Pretty nice product. Doesn't require a cap nail either.
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