jerry klim
I am installing a Kynar coated 24 gauge standing seam roof and must choose the color. White has the highest reflective value, but is not a practical choice for me. I can choose a Silver Metallic with a reflective value of .44 or a blue grey with a value of .33. I would prefer the latter, but would I give up significant cooling advantage? In practical terms, is a difference of .10-.15 value significant? Reducing the cooling load is one reason I am going with a metal roof.
Guest User
Some manufacturers are using Kynar paints with special reflective pigmentation which, even in very dark colors, can have reflectivity of 25 - 35%. In my experience and the testing my company has done, the shift fro, say, 5% reflectivity to 30% reflectivity is more effective at energy savings than is a similar size shift, say from 30% to 55%. I do not know why that is the case but it seems to be.
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