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Which of the two is more durable and more expensive (labor and material)?
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As far as durability, as someone who has been involved with metal roofing for over 20 years, you can well-guess where my allegiances lie. Metal roofing is a very stable material with an extremely proven history. It is also a low weight and non-absorbent material. As far as price, our antitrust guidelines prohibit us from discussing price in this forum. However, if you contact some of our member manufacturers and dealers direct, they will be able to help you. Both metal and tile, though, are available in a wide range of product styles and types, each with its own price structure. An apples to apples comparison is, at best, difficult.
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What i'd actually like to know, I'm not concerned about price, what i'm most concerned about is long term maintenance, and overall longevity of color, stability and wear. Which one wins - Clay tile or metal? Does the color on clay tile fade out in a few years time? Does the coating on metal tile fade out? How long for each? can someone please give a better comparison of Metal vs. clay rather than just price... I understand products vary in longevity but lets pretend we are talking in general and completely on average. Thanks in advance.
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This is a pretty subjective thing and really made complicated because there are so many brands and types of each product available and each will have its own attributes and weathering patterns. I am not sure what to say. Most quality metal roofs will have a warranty against fade and chalk. You will not find that with tile. Also, metal has less dependence on the underlayment than most tile products.
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