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I'm planning on using galvanized roofing (both corrugated and V-crimp) as paneling and tub surround on a bathroom with an "industrial" theme. Do I need to put some kind of topcoat on the panels since they'll be exposed to steam from the shower? Thanks, Stewart
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am assuming that you are wanting a "mill finish" (uncolcored) look to these panels. Going to a painted panel (even perhaps something painted "silver") would help in terms of avoiding discoloration and possible eventual corrosion on panels used in this sort of environment. I am particularly concerned about discoloration which will occur over time to the metallic surface on these sheets in areas where they night have to be cleaned frequently or in areas where fingerprints might occur or in areas where steam might condense frequently. Also, there are roofing sheets, particularly galvalume materials, that have a mill-finish look to them but they actrually have a clear acrylic coating on the steel. These products would be a good choice. Other than that, I'd go to a quality paint store in your area and look into what options they can offer as far as clear coatings or coatings that have a silver metallic appearance.
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