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Got to put some screws in a metal roof, whoever put it up didn't put enough. Is there anything I can wear on my feet to help keep from slipping.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
First, please refer to the manufacturer's installation instructions or inquire directly with the manufactuirer of your roofing to make sure that you are applying the proper fasteners in the proper places and in the proper quantities. Next, walk on the roof only when it is dry. For extra safety precaution (and to meet OSHA roof safety requirements), you should be harnessed and tied off for fall protection. For footwear, at the minimum, wear soft rubber-soled tennis shoes. Other than that, yes, there are a couple of styles of special boots and overshoes with foam rubber bottoms that can be worn. Check out as one option -- go to their Products page and look specifically for the shoe bottoms that are non-spiked and designed for metal roofing. There are other manufacturers of similar things.
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