how to stop wind noise on mibile home roors

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Anyone have an idea to stop wind noise from mobil home roofs beside auto tires.
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The metal sheets which have been used on mobile homes are far far far different than the manufactured metal roofing systems being shown on this website. Right off hand, yes, I probably have some ideas on your question but, frankly, they could make matters worse, too. Have you gone back to the manufacturer of the home and checked with them?
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I also have noise problems when windy on my mobile home and it is driving me nuts! It keeps me awake at night. I purchased a used mobile. I would love to hear your suggestions, even if they may not be appropriate for my situation. Thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There might be the possibility of spraying the underside of the roofing with foam insulation, if it can be accessed. Other than that, you're probably looking at face fastening with screws and rubber washers and then sealing over the screws with sealant. The problem is that this will likely shorten the life of the roof. You might also go back to the manufacturer of the home and explain this situation and see what ideas they have. Again, these roofs are very different from those used on standard homes.
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