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I have a flat roof covering a screened porch on the back of my house. The size of the roof is 20' x 16'. It is covered with shingles and, of course, it leaks. The roof is so big that it lower in the middle than it is around the edge. It does have about a 4 inch slope, but water still stands in the middle because it is lower. What is the best way to fix this?
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A variety of things could be done including using low weight framing to build up the pitch of the roof. However, ultimately, this all relates to the exact roof and house configuration and I feel you would be wise to have an experienced metal roofing contractor come take a look at this if you do want to consider metal.
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i thinks its relatively simply use the cross beams to frame in the mono slope truss at a gradual pitch. OSB sheeting conect to 2x4 bracing. tar paper. and metal siding from your corner store.. Simple 3 day project. 2 guys. I know i did it this way and it worked perfectly. need more info email me.
Todd Miller
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Thanks Stan.
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