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Greetings. I live in Ojai, CA, an inland valley that has summer heat between 90-100 degrees, and winter cold around freezing. I have a hot mop roof with no attic and no insulation. We bought the house 6 years ago, at which time the roof was replaced. It is already bubbling and soon I'd like to replace it anew. Obviously I'd like a roof that lasts longer than 6 years. I'm wondering if a metal roof over rigid foam insulation (no attic) would make sense for me. Building up the roof is not an option as it would dramatically change the roof line and I'd like to stay true to the modern architectural design of my home. Can you help? Thanks!
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are some standing seam roofs appropriate for this low of a pitch. If you explore the manufacturers on the MRA website, hopefully you'll be able to find one. Somehow, though, you'll need rafters or decking to transfer the weightload down to the structure rather than just having it on the foam, I'd think. You'd have to make sure that the home is built to handle this extra structural weight. The metal roof won't weigh much but the rafters and/or decking would have some weight to them. Also, I'd be very concerned about the lack of ventilation. It could cause a bad build up of moisture in the insulated area. All in all, this application would be outside of building codes and I'd advise against it. I realize yours is not a mobile home but there are some reasonably good mobile home roof-over systems available (some metal, some not) that might be appropriate for your home. It might be helpful to investigate them.
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