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I had a metal roof installed on my house 3 years ago, all of the screws are coming loose, and the roof is begginning to leak at the seams. The underlayment is OSB, with tar paper cover, and the metal is screwed directly to the OSB. Could you tell me if the contractor installed the roof correctly?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You should firstly contact the manufacturer and get his recommendation. I can tell you that OSB does not have the same screw holding ability as plywood or dimensional lumber and quite possibly undersised screws were used. I would recommend getting some correcting acion underway asap as the OSB will deteriorate quickly with the water. Assuming it is only a screw issue (undersized and/or overtightened) I would have them changed out with l;arger diameter screws of the correct length. Quite possibly they are #8 and I would move to at least a #12 and take care to not overtighten. If you need more help, please email a picture direct to [email protected] and I can offer more detailed opinions.
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