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Ok, I am starting to do my homework EARLY!! In about 3 years, we plan to install a new roof. I want to get away from shingles BUT I will be doing the job myself. I used to be a contractor years ago and have much faith in my ability to do a job better than some of the slap-happy contractors of today. Where do I go to get general information on installation so I can see how much work I will be getting myself into. Plus, where may I go (refering to the internet) to get general pricing on the items I will most likely need for this project? PS: I am determined to do this myself. After speaking to some unhappy metal roof owners in my area and reading the horror stories throughout the internet (mainly on quality of workmanship), I need to do this MAJOR project to insure the job is done right! Thanks... RH
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
My best advice is to use this website to researcg products manufactured by the various MRA member manufacturers. Contact the manufacturers of products you like and request installation details and also ask them about product availability. I hope this helps.
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