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I am looking to have a metal roof installed in the near future. I have one small issue that could be disastrous. I live in the deep south, and I was wondering what effect the roof will have in causing condensation between the roofing and the decking, and the potential for rot.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
It sounds like your roof will be installed on solid decking. (In contrast, some metal roofs can be installed up on top of purlins or battens.) Not to worry in regards to your question ... First of all, good attic ventilation is important to any roofing system and to your home in general in my opinion. Also, a vapor barrier behind the drywall in your ceilings can be helpful at preventing moisture migration into the attic from the home. Next, there should be a quality underlayment between the roof decking and the roofing material to protect the decking from condensation. Check with the roofing manufacturer to learn what underlayment they suggest. Commonly, 30-pound felt has been used often with a slip sheet on top of it. However, there are new polymer-based underlayments which work well also.
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