sourcing the best metal products for a snow belt

Jerry belben
Hello I am helping my father with some research on metal roofing products. He lives in Newfoundland and they often have annual snowfalls of up to 10 feet of snow per season. He is aging and looking for a product that will automatically shed snow so he doesn't have to clean the roof every week. The pitch of his roof is 3"/12" which is as I understand it quite low. What type of product would you recommend and are there any manufacturere products that are especially suited for dealing with heavy snow packs?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Your best bet probably will be a fairly simple, wide panel, vertical seam product. However, keep in mind that there will be weather conditions and situations where snow build-up will occur, especially with that low roof pitch. Metal roofing, properly installed, though, poses much less threat of roof leaks due to snow loads than do most other products. For that reason, perhaps with a metal roof, your father will simply have less concern if a snow load does occur.
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