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I am planning to re roof my house with metal. It is a typical Florida block home and currently has a tile roof. There are two additions off the back of the house that have flat roofs. I was planning on going to the peak of the house and building a pitched roof over top of the existing tile and flat roof. Is this feasable. Also, where would I insulate and ventilate? Should I use wood or metal to build the new roof? Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am sorry but most of your questions would have to be answered by a structural engineer who would visit and analyze your home. Your questions pertain to weightloads and the ability of your home to carry that weight. I cannot answer those questions. Metal would be lower weight than woof though. One bit of advice -- choose some metal roof products you like and then find out what they require as far as substrate, decking, etc., and make sure that you will meet those requirements. Insulation should be on top of ceilings. Code requires 1" of ventilated airspace between insulation and the bottom of the roof. Combination of soffit and ridge vent works well. I hope this helps.
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