contractual obligations of installer

leslie leslie
My installer agreed to put the sheet metal panels so that the crimped seams would be away from the 100+ winds that blow on my 12/12 pitch A-frame home (as per installation instructions, right?). Now he says he will charge me extra because it was harder to find a straight edge on the front of the house and he had to put dozens of screws through that last panel on the prow front because he says he had to work backwards. Does our contract (which says only install felt, sheild, and metal) assume to follow installation instructions where not specified in the contract? How much detail needs to go into a contract to avoid installation problems (some can't be forseen like this one as we had a verbal agreement) and what do I need written on the contract to cover warranty of installation?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I am not an attorney. However, I do feel that it is reasonable to expect that an implied part of a contract such as this is that the products will be installed accoridng to the manufacturer's requirements. Unless there is a state requirement in your area for a workmanship warranty, there may not be any warranty on workmanship unless the contract says so or if you have something else in writing indicating a workmanship warranty. Again, though, these are legal questions which I am really not qualified to answer.
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