I live in Charlotte NC where the weather changes season to season. It's 90 plus in the summer and can get below freezing in the winter. My roof is only three years old. I live in a timberframe house with insulated pannels in the roof. I have screws coming out all over the roof. The rubber stoppers under the screws are lifting off too. I tried to reach the man who installed our roof, so has my general contractor, but he is out of business. HELP. I know water is leaking under the metal. I have no idea what to do. The screws are in the valley and the ribs. The cap that runs across the top of the house has come completely lifted off in several places in five foot lengths. I appreciate your input. Thank you.
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Danielle, I am sorry to hear about this. It may be necessary to replace the screws with larger screws. Also, of course, the ridge cap needs repaired. A couple of ideas: 1) You might want to use the Find A Contractor section of this website to find an experienced metal guy in your area who can look at this. 2) Do you know who manufactured the roofing? I would suggest contacting them for assistance as well.
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