Low Noise Installation?

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I'm about to install a double lock standing seam roof on a shed porch. The porch is framed with 4x rough cedar rafters and decked with 5/8" red cedar "1x6" tongue and groove planking. I ...think... I have two problems. (1) I need to get a drip edge onto the sides and edge of the roof, and I think that needs more than the 5/8" actual thickness of the cedar, so I planned to build the roof up with furring or fiberboard, or something similar to get the thickness (2) I want to do something to keep rain noise down on the porch. I have a metal roofed barn, so I'm familiar with the sound of the local rain on a metal only roof, and I don't want that while I'm sitting on my porch. I'd like to keep the noise down. My proposed solution was to edge the porch cedar decking in "1x2" and fill the intervening space with fiberboard sheating. The questions? a) Is fiberboard sheathing strong enough to hold the doublelock clips adequately under wind load? Or must I put in solid furring under all the roof holddown clips? b) What kind of underlayment does this need? I'm thinking ice and snow membrane because of the low slope, but does it go on the cedar decking? On top of the fiberboard if there is fiberboard? Bonus Question!! c) how does one do an inset gutter about 6" in from the drip edge to keep from covering up the profiled rafter ends?
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Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Most of these questions should be answered by the manufacturer. Insulation board is typically not stable enough to hold the clips and drip edges can be formed to any size and configuration. I would guess that the wood decking alone is enough to stop the rain drumming. Additionally the busier the profile of roof that you choose the less noise. If the roof is low slope, ensure that you have directions from the manufacturer. I would consider installing and ice and water shield on the deck first and then the metal roof system ditectly over. If it gets a lot of sun, then choose a light colour for best reflectance. As to an inset gutter, again this is a question for the manufacturer however if you are prone to ice and snow, you may want to consider an alternate detail.
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