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I have a new wood frame structure with corrugated galvanized roof and siding. The finish is unpainted bonderized (dull, dark zinc color) and it is fastened with #14 screws w/neoprene washers thru plywood. Max panel lengths are 24’. I am in the San Francisco area (not that much temperature differential). I have not even insulated the interior yet and the structure pings like a teakettle from expansion/contraction even on sunny 70 degree days. I’m afraid of what’s going to happen when it gets to 90 (or 30) and I have insulated the interior surface. Any suggestions on fixes. More importantly, what problems should I be concerned about? Leakage? Screws popping from plywood? Thanks.
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What is minimum slope for a metal roof? What happens if you install a metal roof with less then minimum slope? Can you have galvinized metal with a color powder coating?
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