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I live at 6200' (Truckee, Ca - 30 minutes from Lake Tahoe) in a 57 year old vertical log cabin with an original metal roof that does not have any insulation and needs replacement. We have a huge snow load here. I want to find an insulating solution that does not add any additional weight to the roof as my old logs may not handle it. Helpless in Truckee...thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I was just through there in early March and enjoyed the drive. Insulation does not add virtually any weight and a new metal roof does not add much either however if you have concerns on weight now is the time to try and remove as much as possible and strengthen the structure. Assuming you have a solid T&G deck for the moment and a reasonable slope on the roof then I would consider the following. Remove the old roof down to the roof deck. Then insatal a plastic air barrier taping and sealing all penetrations, joints and tears. Then srapp the roof vertically over the existing beams and between on no more than 24" centres with 2" lumber on edge. The depth to be determined bu the amount of insulation value you want to add. A 6" fiberglass batt will give you an R20. Then install a reinforced moisture barrier over this such as Triflex 30 again taping penetrations and side laps only. Now you can strap the roof horizontally to the manufactures specification and install the roofing. Please provide a ented eave and ridge detail to allow the air space as requied by code to breath. Alternately, in lieu of the air barrier and batt insulation, you could have the sopace sprayed foamed in place. This is a little more money but does a great job of sealing the roof assembly and will pay back. Hope this helps.
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