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I'm here because I am trying to understand metal roofing enough to specify it in a home design. I appreciate your having this resource. I posted earlier and realize I was just rambling on without any real point or question. (Sorry 'bout that.) I am in the planning stages of my metal roof design for a residence. From an installation point-of-view... what top Do's and Don'ts can you offer - in order to avoid headaches and keep costs down to a minimum?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Mike, what you're asking varies so much from product to product. However, #1 advice here, choose a product that you like and then make sure that the manufacturer's instructions regarding minimum pitch, installation, flashing methods, etc. are followed to a "T". If you'd like to talk metal roofing, call me at my office at 1-800-543-8938 ext 201
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