Added traction on standing seam metal roof

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We are currently designing a two story building using a curved standing seam metal roof by AEP SPAN. The radius will be 65'. The eave height will be 30'. We will have (4) mechanical wells on top of the curved roof that require walking on the roof through openings to service hvac units. These opeings will be located directly on top of the "ridge". Is there a way to enhance traction on a metal roof (without voiding the warranty) thus reducing slippage and danger? Grip tape, saftey line, etc. In terms of the roofign material itself, we intend on using the 20" wide seam spacing to reduce the chance of a toe catching a tripping a maintenance worker. HELP!
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Under OSHA regulations, at that height, some sort of fall protection needs to be in place whenever the roof is walked. In this case, it seems that the best option would be to use safety lines and harnesses that would be tied off to the openings. Wearing shoes with rubber soles will be beneficial. There are also special shoes and overshoes available with foam rubber on their bottoms. Generally, as long as the surface is dry, most installers and workers do not find metal roofing difficult to walk on. Some of the more textured profiles might give some extra "traction" if desired. Also, most metal roof profiles could have walkboards or ladders somehow secured to them if an extensive amount of walking must be done. Consult with your roofing manufacturer and contractor for complete walking instructions for the HVAC folks.
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