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I am designing my own home and would appreciate your feedback. I'd like to be able to use (and afford) my dream materials by emphasizing installation efficiency. One of my dream materials is a hipped, metal roof. (My first choice is a non-txtured Bermuda-style product that will reinforce the horizontal layout of the design.) The design is basically an "L" shape, with the small part of the "L" extending off the main part of the home as a garage. A simple "L" -shaped hip roof seems logical and efficient, but gives a chunky feel to the building architecturally. [Given that I change the actual plan here...] If I can bump the small part of that "L" shape off the 90 degree angle and have it come off the large part of the home, it makes for 2 valleys rather than 1. Does this affect the cost greatly? It takes some of the bulk out of the design and additionally reinforces the horizontal element of the main part of the house. If this change means considerable increase in cost, I'd just leave the "L" shape of the roof. The plan footprint calls for many bump-outs (corners), but I am calling for the roof to cover all of these, resulting in as few corners as possible in metal roof materials. (There will be deep overhangs in specific areas.) Additional Information: Dimensions of the hipped roof are approximately 80' x 65' (with the 80' being the main part of the house) all at a pitch of 3:12 or 4:12 - again, depending on costs.
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There is always extra labor associated with valleys. However, i doubt you'll find it to be prohibitive. One of the things I love about metal is its flexibility and ability to be used on virtually any roof geometry.
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