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I currently have a roof with a pitch of 2.75/12 with an asphalt singles. This roof is a cathedral type with no venting possible as is buts against a two story main part of the house. The problem is that during our winter the snow falls from the second roof on the first story and build at depth of 5-6 feet. This causes a lot of ice dams and leaks. would a metal roof allow the snow to melt a little and slide off the roof? Do metal roofs have ice dam issues? Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Metal roofing is known for its resistance to ice and snow. The smooth surface of metal roofing encourages snow and ice to slip. Additionally, with metal's reflectivity, once the sun comes out, radiant heat reflecting from the roof helps cause the snow to slide as well. That said, your situation is worst case scenario. As long as heat from underneath the cathedral ceiling can come up and reach the roofing and cause some snow to melt but yet snow over the overhangs doesn't melt, you'll tend to have some problems. While a metal roof will help, I wouldn't wnat to say that there won't be some conditions when you'll still have damming. Personally, I'd explore ways to build up the roof pitch and create an insulated airspace in an attic beneath the roof, if at all possible. All Best.
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