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Hi... I am going to install vertical seam panels over my existing ashphalt shingles. The latest quote I got was for 29 gauge "high tensile" versus the typical 26 gauge. My pitch is around 9 to 10/12. We will be straping in this case on 18" centers. Would you have any concerns with 29 gauge????? Thanks, Eric
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Your first concern should be with the quality and thickness of paint which dictates how long it will perform. Choose a PVDF or an SMP based system with ceramic pigments. Next is to ensure that for painted steel it is a minimum of G90 galvanized or AZ50 Galvalume as this determines how long it will perform against rust especially at the edges. As to installing the sheets on strapping, always check with the manufacturer to get their recomendations. Depending od the size of your strapping, the skill of your workers, future needs to be on the roof and your climate for snow loads and hail, the 29 ga may do the job. It truly depends more on the profile of the panel than the thickness. The greater the ridges rolled into the panel, typically the stronger it is. Check with the manufacturer.
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