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We live in an older house that has a standing seam roof. I would estimate that the roof is well over 50 years old, but the metal still has a lot of life. It has been coated with asphalt in the past. We would like to paint it. What would you recommend to paint the rusted areas? Do we have to get down to bright metal? What is the best way to remove the asphalt without damaging the roof? We have had contractors tell us they didn't want to sandblast because it might damage the roof
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
generally speaking the asphalt should be removed. One could spot treat the rusting areas and wait until the balance wears away. Any pure petrolium product such as kerosene etc will cut it but it could become messy and an environmental nightmare. Depending on the thickness you should be able try various products to find the ones that soften it and then have it removed by a scraper. I would not recommend sandblasting. The roof then needs to have the rusting spots lightly sanded, and then washed with a TSP cleaner and the entire roof should be primed with a good quality primer ready for your top coat. Again if the asphalt coating is breaking down you may just want to spot treat thr rusted areas and let it dissipate naturally.
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