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I just bought a home inh Wisconsin with an roof that is 18years old and I am considering metal vs shingle. I have been told that there are shingles that will last as long as metal. The considerations are-I am in a very shaded area with a number of trees so there is moss on the roof and there are trees that can potentially damage a roof. Is the damage risk more and harder to fix with metal?. I would think the metal would be less prone to moss. Can a metal roof be put over a shingled roof that has moss? There is also heat tape in a couple of spots and I have been raking the snow off the roof to keep the ice buildup minimal. I do not see areas where the snow is melting but there is an overhang around the house with soffits underneath where ice cycles form. Would the metal have any advantage? I have cathedral ceilings and an insulation board installed underneath would probably be a good idea. With the info above, what should I consider when making my decision? Thanks
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